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  • How to debug inline javascript?

    So, quick question: how do we debug inline Javascript code, included in the main page instead of an external script file?

  • New section – How it is made

    Hi guys, I’m introducing a new section, called “How it’s made”. On this section, I’ll analyze in full detail, all my projects, the logic, the approach and finally the solution implemented. Keep in touch and above all, I’d like to talk with you guys and let me know your ideas, your opinions and different approaches…

  • Why WordPress doesn’t have a descent calendar view?

    Something I haven’t understood with the WordPress guys is the lack of a descent calendar view; actually, the lack of any calendar view! Don’t take wrong; it makes sense to have a list of all your blog posts, ordered in any way you want and filtering them as you like. But, what about a whole view?…

  • Back to elementary

    Following the story with the ElementaryOS, and coexisting with my Windows 10 installation, all the sudden, Linux started working once again after few reboots. Not sure what happened, didn’t do anything but… it worked. There was an error with no internet, but it looks like it needed to do something with the /etc/resolv.conf file. To be honest,…

  • Goodbye ElementaryOS, hello to Mint

    After two days of continuous problems with ElementaryOS, one night of success came. Only one single night. Today it didn’t boot once again. Goodbye StrangeOS, hello Mint Linux!

  • Linux next to windows? Not so easy as it looks like…

    Have you ever tried to install Linux alongside with Windows? In theory, it’s easy. Free some space on the disk, start the installation making sure to select “Install alongside Windows”, wait for a while, and here we are! Well… whatever shines is not gold. So, here’s my story.

  • xkcd.png

    How do we use GIT?

  • It’s about time!

    Hi guys! After many years in the programming industry, I decided that it’s about time to introduce my own, personal website (yeah, that’s why it’s called Don’t ask why I didn’t do this earlier. It’s part of the past.